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Wholesale Christmas Trees
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Specie’s Available

Fraser Fir (Wisconsin Grown)  4' to 16' Grades: #1, #2, #3, Field Run Balsam Fir 4' to 18' Grades: #1, #2, unsheared White Pine 6' to 10' Grades: #1, #2 Colorado Blue Spruce 6' to 8' Grades: #1, open #2's Black Hills Spruce 6' to 8' Grades: #1, #2
Balsam Fir Christmas Tree Plantation - notice weed control Fraser Fir Trees harvested with a Howey Twine Baler - notice the bottom tree tags Our 20 ft Delivery Truck. Can deliver up to 300 trees.

Information about

Harvested Trees

All trees, except Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir and Blue Spruce, are color enhanced. White Spruce and Black Hills Spruce are sprayed with a Needlehold material. All pines are shaken to remove old needles. All trees are baled in twine and loaded on customers truck. All trees are sized with color coded bottom tags. Our trees are inspected each year by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection  and we are issued a Plant Health Certificate. A copy of this certificate is given to each customer when the trees are shipped at Tree selling season. Each certificate is stamped with the our approved USDA stamp of compliance.

Terms and Shipping

Terms: 25% deposit with order. Remaining balance due before pickup. Prices are F.O.B., Wautoma, Wisconsin. Shipping: You can pick your own trees and we load the trees as part of our services. We can deliver the trees on our own truck if the quantity of trees is less than 350 trees. We can arrange the shipping of your trees on commercial carriers. Let us know how we can help. Remember: If you order Christmas trees, the shipping of your Wreath and Garland order is free.

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